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Arrive & Drive



Why choose Interauto Motorsport? For International drivers who want to participate in the thrill, history and hospitality associated with these prestigious automotive events and tours, without the organisational hassles, Interauto Motorsport provides a complete arrive and drive service as follows:
  • Transfers to and from Malpensa airport near Milan. Entry fee to the event or tour.
  • A personal assistant who speaks both Italian and English to assist you during the event or tour.
  • A choice of classic Alfa Romeo cars which are eligible to participate in the event or tour.
  • Driver training prior to the event or tour to become familiarised with your car.
  • Accommodation and hospitality during the event or tour.
  • A skilled service crew throughout the event or tour.
  • Membership of Scuderia del Portello worldwide official Alfa Romeo Club.