• Model: Alfa Romeo Giulietta Berlina
  • Year: 1955
  • Chassis: berlina 4 passengers
  • Weight: 870 kg.
  • Engine: 1300 c.c.
  • Power: 75 CV
  • Gearbox: 4 speed + reverse

Description: In 1950 Alfa Romeo went about setting targets in its business plan and it became clear to management that the new “Juliet” model would be the most important car in the history of Alfa Romeo, representing the transition from old hand craft production into modern industrial production. Up to the “1900″ model the “Workshop of the Door” – Portello factory in Milan kept production in the old hand craft style. With the “Juliet” Alfa Romeo entered into the context of so-called “mass motorization”, with an output of at least 200 cars a day. At the 1955 Turin Motor Show, Alfa Romeo introduced the Giulietta, the car that was supposed to represent the ultimate revenge. A breakthrough came and Alfa Romeo built almost 132,000 in the Portello factory in Milan, production numbers that were impressive for the time. Scuderia del Portello has restored and prepared over time, 3 models of the first series and 3 models of the second series, for a total of 6 cars. Ideal for organizing team building on Lake Como with Interauto Motorsport. In particular, one of these is so original that you can take part in the Mille Miglia, with the Interauto Motorsport Team!

Eligible Events: Rallye Montecarlo Historique, Winter Marathon, Trofeo Chianti Classic, Terre di Canossa, Mille Miglia, Summer Marathon, Modena Cento Ore Classic, Quel Ramo del Lago di Como and GP Nuvolari. Road driving licence is COMPULSORY.