• Model: Alfa Romeo 1900 T.I.
  • Year: 1954
  • Chassis: berlina 4 passengers
  • Weight: 1200 kg.
  • Engine: 1895 c.c.
  • Power: 105 HP
  • Gearbox: 4 speed + reverse

Description: FIRST CAR SERIES WITH A FULL MONOCOQUE BODY. The shape of the line of the 1900 Alfa Romeo is oriented to the international styling of that period. The 1900 T.I. is no different than a normal bodied 1900, but the radical change is under the hood, where there are two double-barrel carburettors and a modified camshaft which allows the 1900 T.I. to reach 170 km/h. (We’re talking 1952). From the innovation of this car was born the idea of peculiar Alfa Romeo sports sedan, the classic family car with which to spend a quiet weekend of relaxation, which was fast enough to paint the competition numbers on the doors to get a car ready to run with ease in any rally event. This particular 1900 version participated in the 1954 edition of the famous “Carrera Panamericana Mexico du” with the crew Bonini – Bonetto. This car is fully restored and functionality keeps the same equipment used 60 years ago for this event. The sign writing of the sponsors on the hood and doors and race numbers are the same as the Mexicans painted sixty years ago.

Eligible Events: Any event entered through Interauto Motorsport. Road driving licence is COMPULSORY. Racing driver licence is COMPULSORY for races on circuits like Coppa Intereuropa di Monza.