• Model: Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider tipo Sebring
  • Year: 1955
  • Chassis: spider monoposto 2 passengers
  • Weight: 800 kg.
  • Engine: 1290 c.c.
  • Power: 94 HP
  • Gearbox: 4 speed + reverse

Description: The evolution of the cars in the early 60s brought Alfa Romeo to increase the capacity and performance of the Giulietta Spider. The Giulia 1600 Spider “series 101.23″ began as the evolution from the Giulietta Spider “series 101.03.” The cars are almost identical, except for the existence of an air intake on the hood of the Giulia, the numerals “1600″ on the tail and the shape of the holes in the rims. Other differences are in the interior, more precisely the characteristics of the steering wheel and the appearance of the cruscotto.Questo model, called the “Sebring”. Only 3 of this model were built to promote sales of Giulietta spider to the wealthy American market. One of these cars with the chassis number 0051 was used to participate in the 1956 Mille Miglia, driven by Consalvo Sienese, who had a serious accident. For this reason, the project was discontinued. The uniqueness and rarity of the model in the care of the team at Interauto Motorsport, allows this unique car to be admitted to any national or international event for vintage cars, from the Mille Miglia to the Intereuropa Cup Monza.

Eligible Events: Any event entered by Interauto Motorsport, including rallies like Mille Miglia, GP Nuvolari, Modena Cento Ore Classic and races like Coppa Intereuropa di Monza. Road license is COMPULSORY and international racing license is COMPULSORY for races on circuits like Coppa Intereuropa di Monza.